The Twelve Days of Christmas Fairies, designed and introduced from 2002 through 2007 are about to start retiring. The twelve designs, Partridge In A Pear Tree Fairy, 2 Turtle Doves Fairy, 3 French Hens Fairy, 4 Calling Birds Fairy, 5 Golden Rings Fairy, 6 Geese A Laying Fairy, 7 Swans A Swimming Fairy, 8 Maids A Milking Fairy, 9 Ladies Dancing Fairy, 10 Lords A Leaping fairy, 11 Pipers Piping Fairy, and the 12 Drummers Drumming Fairy will all officially retire this year on December 20, 2011.

Now is the time to start thinking about completing your Twelve Days of Christmas Fairy Collection.

As a SPECIAL GIFT to each consumer who registers all 12* of the Twelve Days of Christmas Fairies, that person will receive a unique and appropriate hand element/accessory for each of the 12 designs.


*Fairies can be any size combination - small, medium or large - but must be at least one of each 12. For all designs pictured on this page, the medium size is shown. Most small sizes do not have a hand accessory.

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  1. Shelly Says:

    Hi Zoey L. - do you still have your full set of the 12 days fairies? If so I am interested. Shelly

  2. Zoey L. Says:

    I have a full set of the retired 12 days of Christmas Santa/Faeries. They are a combination of small and medium. They have been out of the box twice. If anyone is interested in purchasing them please leave me an email. Thank you.

  3. Mark Roberts Says:

    The Twelve Days of Christmas Fairies are now retired, but there are some retailers who ordered the last batch of them late last year. Contact Rose at my office to locate a retailer. Her number is 877-962-7624.

    Also, when you REGISTER ALL 12 DEISGNS,we have a special FREE GIFT for you, which are 12 little ornaments for each of their hands, so pls send in the registration cards!

  4. Janet Kiessling Says:

    I just purchased the small 9″ set of 12 days of Christmas fairies at a gift shop in Athens,AL - I would dearly love the hand ornaments for each of them - how do I arrange to get that? Thanks so much, Janet

  5. Ingo Orlamunder Says:

    Are the twelve days of christmas Fairies still available and at what cost.

  6. Jennifer Worley Says:

    Hello I have emailed this several times with no response so I will try this way.
    I hope that you all are able to help me.  I am in search of 12 days of Christmas fairies.  They are painted rather than made of cloth and measure approx. 6-7 inches in height. I purchased them back in 2006-2007 outside of Athens, Ga. The only other place I have ever seen them was at the Christmas Store in the French Quarter in New Orleans. I am missing number 5, 6, 11, and12. I am not sure that series they are from.  The boxes are brownish gold with a tinsel gold ribbon around the fairies picture and the Mark Roberts symbol in red. I would love to finish my collection but I am not sure where to start. Everything I have found so far is 9″ in size a cloth. Thank you for your time and help.

  7. Carla A. Says:

    Help! I contacted several retailers in 2010 about ordering the 12 Days of Christmas, medium size, Fairies. They all said they would find out and contact me. To date, no one has. I have the small 12 Days of Christmas Fairies (with hand ornaments)and the larger 12 Days of Christmas Fairy. I have 34 Fairies. This year, I decorated my Christmas tree with most of them. The most magical Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. Please help. Thanks. A tip–If Mark Roberts had a website where we could place orders for the Fairies, there would be thousands more ordered, and the customers would be more pleased and satisfied.

  8. kathy daciola Says:

    Where can I buy the 12 days of Christmas Fairies,would love the collecton.

  9. Harold Hartigan Says:

    Where can I find the
    Twelve Days of Christmas Fairies?
    I am very intrested in perchasing them.

  10. Mark Roberts Says:

    Around Thanksgiving time we will be sending out the free gift for those who have registered all 12 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Fairies (in any sizes). Hurry and get yours registered if you have not already!

  11. Chris Brown Says:

    I purchased all 12 ornament christmas fairies last christmas. Was so glad to hear that hand ornaments are being sent (I registered all 12). Can you give me an approximate date when they will be shipped? thanks.

  12. Cheryl Adams Kier Says:

    Mimi,with Spirit of Hope fairy….What do you want for this lil” guy….interested> Cheryl Adams Kier

  13. Cheryl Adams Kier Says:

    In Central Texas….want Witches and Warlocks,this is 2nd year,can not find them.Have 17 fairies,1 elf..want to expand my collection of Mark Roberts wonders,send locations in Texas or info to buy on line.

  14. Shannon C. Says:

    I purchased the medium Raspberry Tart Fairy @copyright-2006, #459 of 3000. I fell in love with his sweet raspberry chilled face. I’m not really keen on the elves, witches, or other goofy ones. Serene, calm art is good for me both mind and heart. All it takes is one person for one doll. On a festive evening when all the nestled shops lined the dark side walks; as glittering lites illuminated their wares. As I recall,it was a cool Winter’s eve. A corner store in particular displayed your Santa dolls. They caught my attention as they seemed to be flying around the store. What a night looking up at the stars, imagining the North Pole as I strolled and peered into that store front’s big pane. The area of town is considered Historical Nob Hill; located on Central Avenue near the University of New Mexico here in Albuquerque where I live. The shop that displayed your Santa doll’s in the windows deserves an applaud. The presentation was delightful.

    I haven’t purchased any of your creations since even though I’ve visited them over these seemingly few years.
    I view the world around me in terms of spacial parameters. The feel of textures, sights, smells, color contrasts, patterns, and materials all play on my senses. The presentation of your dolls in that shop brought them to life.
    I’ve enjoyed my Raspberry Fairy. I thought I would let you know seeing you have developed this site. I am wondering which stand that would fit him? For several yrs I had him propped against the fireplace. I’ve also hung him by fishing line. I Want him to hang year round… but in a Southwestern (Cranberry, black, indigo blue, forest green, and turquoise Indian patterned wallpaper from 1995)LOL. I like baking pies. I consider myself domesticated.
    Anyways, Thanks for sharing your talent. I hope in some form I can do the same.

  15. lisa childress Says:

    I would like to buy the first 6 twelve days of Christmas fairies if anyone can help me please e-mail me at [email protected]

  16. lisa childress Says:

    i would like to know if i can buy direct from the factory,if i buy all 6 12 days of Christmas fairies that are being retired this year.i don’t drive and our store in town don’t carry them

  17. Mimi Says:

    I was given the Spirit of Hope Fairy (small), as a gift. I am not interested……..any takers?

  18. Jean Says:

    I purchased a medium Festivities Elf and received a registeration card and box for the Jazzy Elf. Anyone out there with the box and card I need. I will gladly exchange, so we can both register our precious elves.

  19. Annie Beech Says:

    I have a Monkey that has a Mark Roberts tag on it. It is about 10 yrs. old. I think this is the first MR’s fairy I ever bought. Just wondering if it is the real thing. Actually the monkey even has a smaller monkey that hangs from his hand..

  20. Bredbo Christmas Barn Australia Says:

    We’ve just recieved our first shipment of Mark Robert’s Fairies and we are thrilled with them. Looking forward to meeting Mark this coming Saturday in Sydney Australia.

  21. Mark Roberts Says:

    Karen, within a few weeks, we will have up on this website photos of the 12 different hand ornaments. They will be appropiate for any size of the Twelve Days of Christmas Fairies.

  22. Karen Johnson Says:

    I have one of each of the small 12 Days of Christmas fairies and have registered all of them. Am I eligible to receive the hand element/accessory for each fairy? You state “most small sizes do not have a hand accessory.” Can I receive the hand accessory made for the medium size fairy? I love all my Mark Roberts Fairies. I have 30. They adorn my bookshelves during the Holidays and look beautiful.
    Thank you,
    Karen Johnson

  23. Cydneys European Imports Says:

    We have on order all the Twelve days of Christmas Fairies. The small size is coming in sets of 12 as well we will sell individually and in complete boxed sets while supply lasts. The medium and large Twelve Days we have most if not all of the Twelve Days in stock now. Not all fairies are listed on our website so please phone the store 11-5 Tuesday-Sat central time. We are taking orders for the last of the retired Twelve Days of Christmas and have several orders open. Spring fairies are now arriving!

  24. Jane Says:

    I have two Mark Roberts crosses and would love additional ones but can’t find them anywhere. HELP!

  25. Suzanne K Says:

    Thank You Mark Roberts for thinking and creating like I can only imagine. You have brought thoughts and dreams to life for all to enjoy. It is wonderful to know someone else thinks like I do! And your creations are truly one of a kind. You have brought my wishful dreaming come to life!

  26. Paula M Says:

    Hi, I am from Toronto Ontario Canada. I have looked at your website, and I am interested in purchasing christmas Fairies.
    Do you have a supplier in the Toronto area.

    Thank you,


  27. Nita Phillips Says:

    A neighbor of my cousin has a large, beautiful angel. She hangs the angel and it appears to be flying. Are these still available and how much are they?

  28. Lynette Gullotta - SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Says:

    I have searched your products and cannot locate this one…. where do you have this one on your products list ???
    This fairy is shown on the where to buy section of your website …please respond

  29. Katharine Bruce Says:

    I am looking for a medium daffodil fairy? Anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks.

  30. Jo Ann Proctor Says:

    I have searched everywhere for the 2006 edition of Kitchen Magician fairy. I will take any size. If anyone would like to sell theirs or knows where I can find one please contact me @[email protected] Thanks,
    Jo Ann Proctor

  31. Rebecca Witt Says:

    I also have the 6″ resin-casted fairies that came in a beautiful gold decorative box with a picture of the fairy on it. How can I find more of these?

  32. Cindy Jorett Says:

    I have been looking for the Snowball Fairy (I think that is the name), blue round belly and cannot find it. Can anyone help?

  33. Linda Sensabaugh Says:

    Have long list of retired/retiring fairies, can you fill this order if I send it AGAIN!!!!??????

  34. Michelle Sabatino Says:

    I cannot find a store that sells your line of Fairy Gift Box Stocking Holders. Could you please refer me to a few stores that have the stocking holders on site at their stores this season? I prefer to look at them in person before buying (as opposed to to buying them online, etc.). My zip code is 10504. I live in Westchester County, New York.

    Thanks for your help.

  35. Maragaret M. Erbes Says:

    your website inspires my writing
    Dr. Erbes

  36. terri lewis Says:

    I am looking for a few of the baby fairies - fruit & vegetables. If anyone knows where I can find them, please let me know - [email protected]

  37. Sue Bandle Says:

    I would like to order these Twelve Days Of Christmas. Is there any stores near here. Can I order them one or two at a time?I don’t want to miss this. Let me know. Thanks!!!

  38. May Keener Says:

    I have some Mark Roberts fairies in the boxes…but they do not have the “fluffy” beard…it is “resin-casted”. The whole figurine is painted. They are about 6″ high. Tag says Mark Robert Collection made in the Philipines. Each one has a cord to hang on the tree. I have “Two turtle doves” “partridge in a pear tree” (no partridge or tree, but has a green “ball” and bow and “pumpkin pie fairy” with the pie in his left hand. Do you have any info about these? Thanks so much.

  39. Trinda Crow Says:

    I cannot find a retailer that will order all Twelve Days of Christmas fairies. Help! How can I get them!!!!!!Thanks!

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